Stuart Ralph OCD Supervision

Since 2015 I have been advocating for those who experience obsessive-compulsive symptoms through my weekly podcast The OCD Stories. Over the last 7 years I have interviewed some of the best minds in OCD treatment including Dr Steven Phillipson, Dr Edna Foa, and Dr Jon Abramowitz, as well as generalists such as Dr Russ Harris and Dr Steven Hayes. In the last five years I’ve conducted two of my own research projects into OCD therapies (latter, published in 2022), and more recently working with clients experiencing OCD each week in my private practice. Over this time, I have remained passionate about increasing education and awareness for OCD and its relevant treatments.

I know from my own clinical trainings OCD was barely mentioned. Which is a shame, as this disorder affects so many and deserves more attention. There are many wonderful therapists out there, highly trained, yet often may not be too familiar with OCD. If you are looking to grow your insight in this area – thank you.

I offer 1-to-1 supervision sessions primarily on OCD with other counsellors/psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are looking to learn more about OCD, and develop their understanding of the condition.

What can the supervisions consist of:

  • Introduction to OCD 
  • Introduction to ERP and ACT for OCD 
  • Talk through client cases
  • Understanding the processes of OCD instead of the themes
  • Adapting ERP and ACT for children, and young people
  • A session tailored to yours needs and areas of development

Consultations are 50 minutes in length, and are conducted over zoom (unless you are local to my office) at a cost of £70. 

Contact me

If you would like to book an ad-hoc supervision please send me an email through the contact form below with any goals you have for the supervision.

Please note at this time I only offer ad-hoc supervisions, not weekly or monthly.